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Ohio has been participating in NSC's State Workforce and Education Alignment Project since May 2015. The state has been using SWEAP to implement new data tools for state policy. Ohio, California, Mississippi, and Rhode Island will receive technical assistance and $180,000 for tool implementation. 

SWEAP and Ohio are working together to utilize system-wide information to better align workforce education and training programs with each other, with employer skill needs, and with the learning and support needs of individual workers. The data tools will help elected state officials create policies that close skill gaps and create more equitable, efficient, and aligned state workforce development and education systems.

This page will continually be updated with the latest project developments and resources. Download the SWEAP Ohio report and fact sheet to learn more.


  • Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation
  • Members of the State Legislature
  • Ohio Board of Regents
  • Ohio Department of Job and Family Services
  • Ohio State Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • Human Services Innovation Office
  • Ohio Education Research Center 

Policy Goals and Objectives

Provide state policy leaders with better data to analyze workforce supply and demand and to identify effective career pathways in order to inform policies and investments to close the gap on meeting business talent needs and build pathways to self-sustaining wages.