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State policymakers need data to better align workforce and education investments with employer skill needs and to see if these investments are yielding credentials with value in the labor market.

State policymakers can institute:

  • Dashboards of cross program metrics that show the results of workforce and education programs in a consistent and easily accessible manner.
  • Supply-demand reports that measure the supply of credentials across human capital programs and compare the supply of newly credentialed workers with employer demand.
  • Systems that link data across programs and allow policymakers to see the extent to which the full range of workforce and education programs generate postsecondary credentials and strong labor market results. 

In addition to the resources on this page, the Workforce Data Quality Campaign – a project of National Skills Coalition – is a resource to policymakers and advocates for state data and credential policies.

NSC’s State Workforce and Education Alignment Project (SWEAP) is assisting states with using data and information to build a system of workforce education and training aligned with the labor market; showcasing state of the art policies and providing tools for policymakers to use.

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