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Realizing Innovation and Opportunity in WIOA: A Playbook for Creating Effective State Plans

Download the webinar slides
Read the companion NSC report 

National Skills Coalition hosted a webinar on how states can develop WIOA state plans that close the skill gap and help workers and businesses succeed. The webinar was preceded by the release of a companion NSC report as part of NSC's Realizing Innovation and Opportunity in WIOA initiative. Through both of these resources you’ll learn:

  • Ways that state plans can effectively support strategies encouraged and/or required in the new legislation including sector partnerships, career pathways, data/credential measurement, and job driven investments
  • Examples of existing state plan language that can support these strategies.
  • Strategies for authentic stakeholder engagement in the state planning process.

In addition, the webinar includes a brief overview of the timeline and opportunities for stakeholders to weigh in on the federal regulatory and guidance process.

Panelists include:

  • Bryan Wilson, State Policy Director, National Skills Coalition
  • Angela Hanks, Senior Federal Policy Analyst, National Skills Coalition
  • Brooke DeRenzis, State Policy Analyst, National Skills Coalition
  • Amy Wallace, Assistant Director of Workforce Innovation, California Workforce Investment Board