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California is building partnerships that unlock social mobility

  ·   By Bryan Wilson
California is building partnerships that unlock social mobility

Continuing their impressive collaboration, California’s community colleges and workforce system are joining together to organize local Partnerships that Unlock Social Mobility,  a capacity building initiative between local workforce development boards and community colleges.

The initiative’s intent is to “strengthen the interconnections between the services provided by local workforce investment boards and community colleges, and to expand these services to California’s most vulnerable citizens.”  Partnerships will focus on enhancing the capacity to provide career counseling, job placement, and supportive services.

To launch the Partnerships, the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, the California Workforce Association, and the California Workforce Development Board are inviting community colleges and local workforce boards to seventeen regional meetings around the state.  Colleges are asked to send five or six-member teams consisting of leaders in student services and workforce education.  Workforce boards are sked to send teams including board executive staff, one-stop managers, a job coach, and business services staff.

Last year, the California Workforce Development Board adopted a WIOA State Plan that emphasizes regional planning and coordination with community colleges, and the California legislature appropriated $200 million for the community college’s Strong Workforce Program, and called for alignment of regional planning among community colleges and workforce boards.