Adopt These Expert Recommendations to Strengthen Workforce Data

From Patchwork to Tapestry: Collaborating to Maximize Data Utility

Programs That Work: Quality Assurance For Short-Term Occupational Programs

Picturing the Workforce: Considerations for Effectively Presenting Data

Mastering the Blueprint 2016: State Progress on Workforce Data

How WIOA Performance Data Works

Registered Apprenticeship FAQs

Workforce Program Immigrant Data FAQs

Data Policy Toolkit: Implementing the State Blueprint

2016 NSC Legislative Round-Up

As highlighted in NSC’s 2016 state legislative round-up , states increased access to career pathways and set policies to support job-driven training. They also took steps to implement the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.

Mapping Postsecondary and Workforce Information Gaps in State Data Systems

The Value of Apprenticeship Data

During this webinar National Skills Coalition and the Workforce Data Quality Campaign provided an overview of apprenticeships in the United States and the current state of apprenticeship data.

Classroom to Career: Leveraging Employment Data to Measure Labor Market Outcomes

External Collaboration on Workforce Data

Making the Most of Workforce Data

Fact Sheet: Why Congress should support better postsecondary education and workforce data

State Policy Reforms to Improve Workforce Data

Taking Care of Business: Employer Engagement in Workforce Data

Tools for Skills-Focused SNAP E&T Programs

National Skills Coalition hosted a webinar on April 30, 1:00 - 2:15 p.m. ET on how states can use SNAP E&T formula funds and 50 percent reimbursement grants to provide education, training, and supportive services to SNAP participants.

Stepping Up: State Developments in SNAP Employment and Training Data

Measuring Training-Related Employment FAQs

Crossing Boundaries: Regional Data Sharing to Study Worker Mobility

WDQC Webinar: State Progress on Workforce Data

Workforce Data Quality Campaign hosted a webinar discussing key details from their report, Mastering the Blueprint: State Progress on Workforce Data, and featured speakers who spoke on state efforts to connect and use workforce data.

WDQC Webinar: Employing WRIS2

On June 12, Workforce Data Quality Campaign led a discussion about the Wage Record Interchange System (WRIS)2, which allows states to exchange wage records for program reporting.

Unpacking WIOA

On June 3, national experts from organizations leading advocacy efforts around WIA reauthorization came together to unpack the recently introduced Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and what it means for the nation.

Employing WRIS2: Sharing Wage Records Across States to Track Program Outcomes

Workforce Data Quality Campaign's report that describes the importance of sharing wage records across state lines using the Wage Record Interchange System (WRIS).

Credential Data Pioneers

Workforce Data Quality Campaign's report highlighting states and schools that have taken steps to broker data sharing agreements in order to better understand the attainment and value of selected non-degree credentials.

Workforce Data Quality Campaign Fact Sheet

Making Workforce Data Work

Workforce Data Quality Campaign overview of the diverse set of stakeholders that need quality workforce data, what data should be collected, and how to bring that data together so that data systems are inclusive, aligned and market-relevant.