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Future of Work

While there is no universal agreement on the scope of the challenge, most analysts agree that at least 60% of today’s jobs will be fundamentally impacted by new technologies, such that workers will require new skills if they’re going to keep their jobs and work along-side these advanced digital, automation or intelligent tools. Other jobs are likely to be eliminated entirely. This means tens of millions of current U.S. workers are going to see their workplaces changed in the decades ahead.

Yet the U.S. has virtually no national policy to work with industry to help them re-skill and retain current workers in their jobs. Faced with these potentially dramatic shifts in labor market demand, the U.S. needs a fundamental rethinking of our national policies around upskilling current workers and helping displaced workers transition to new opportunities.

This new framework should recognize the unique skills demands across different industries, and identify ways that businesses and other stakeholders can work together to align the needs of workers and industry. Representing a nationwide network of workforce development expert who have been dealing with the impacts of technology and changing skills needs in America's labor market for years, National Skills Coalition has brought some of that hands-on expertise into Washington's assessment of these issues. 

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