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Ask your Senators to Co-Sponsor the BUILDS Act and build the workforce we need to build our nation’s infrastructure.

Both President Trump and Senate Democrats have released plans to incentivize or support up to $1 trillion in new funding for construction and related projects, investments that could lead to as many as 11 million new jobs. The BUILDS Act would ensure that businesses could grow their workforces and keep up with this demand and that a diverse range of workers could access the training and credentials needed to find sustainable, family-supporting jobs in these fields.

Urge your Representatives to reject drastic cuts to workforce development funding

This week the House Appropriations committee will vote on a bill to fund workforce education and training programs. Proposed funding levels would cut billions of dollars from programs that support the education and training for our nation’s workforce, cuts that come on top of decades of disinvestment in our workforce system. At a time when millions of U.S. workers are seeking the skills and credentials to get and keep family-supporting jobs – and when U.S. businesses are struggling to find qualified individuals to keep up with demand – such significant reductions in federal workforce, education, and human services programs will make our nation less competitive in the global economy. 


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