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Congressman Steven Horsford

Board Member

Congressman Steven Horsford

Congressman Steven Horsford serves as managing director of the R&R Resources+ office of R&R Partners in Washington, D.C. where he oversees their integrated services efforts in diversity media training and corporate communications, workforce and vendor/supplier engagement, and international affairs for R&R’s nine offices throughout the U.S. and Mexico City.

Steven’s business experience and distinguished public service career have given him an innate and insightful understanding of diversity marketing. He began his career at R&R before being elected to the Nevada State Legislature, where he became the first African‐ American majority leader of the state Senate. He later worked in the private sector as CEO of Nevada’s largest workforce agency, the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas, where for more than 10 years he was responsible for recruiting and training thousands of workers for Las Vegas’ hospitality industry. It was during that time that Steven became a local leader of The Workforce Alliance (now, National Skills Coalition), regularly bringing the Culinary Academy and the related Nevada Partners into DC to advocate for sector partnerships to become a more fundamental part of the WIA infrastructure.

Steven also served on the Southern Nevada Workforce Investment Board that provided funds for training, apprenticeships, and other approaches designed to couple the right workers with the right employers. In 2012, Steven went back into public serve and became the first African‐American elected to Congress from Nevada. In 2015, Steven launched his communications company, Resources+ before merging with R&R Partner.