Workforce Data Quality Campaign.

To ensure our nation is on a path toward economic growth and shared prosperity, we need education and training policies that collectively prepare all Americans for participation in a skilled workforce that will help U.S. industries compete in a changing 21st century economy. The Workforce Data Quality Campaign (WDQC) contends that we cannot determine if our human capital policies are up to that challenge without inclusive, aligned and market-relevant education and workforce data systems that are supported by state and federal policies.

WDQC Agenda

The WDQC is calling for policymakers in Washington, DC and in our state capitals to take a more inclusive approach to education data quality efforts so they include the diversity of students and workers and the range of education and labor market outcomes that comprise our nation's human capital strategy. In particular, we feel our workforce and education data systems need to do a more effective job of:

  1. Including all students and pathways
  2. Counting industry-recognized credentials as well as degrees
  3. Assessing employment outcomes for all participants
  4. Expanding use of labor market information
  5. Ensuring appropriate data access and use 

Who Should Care About Workforce Data?

If policymakers want to know how effectively a state's human capital investments are preparing state residents for skilled employment in a rapidly restructuring economy...

If students and workers want to know which colleges and training programs are most adept at helping people land a job and advance along a career pathways for a particular occupation or industry...

If business leaders want a clear picture of all the degrees and certificates conferred by local institutions so they can assess if these credentials actually align with the skills gaps facing local industries...

If colleges, adult literacy, job training and technical education programs want long-term data about how their students are faring in the labor market so they can adjust their programs accordingly...

...then they should all demand better public education and workforce data systems across our K-12, job training, adult education, career and technical, and postsecondary programs. 



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