In partnership with National Skills Coalition, the Skills2Compete-New Mexico campaign seeks to raise awareness of the need to train New Mexico residents for middle-skill jobs, which require more than high school but less than a four-year degree. These jobs make up the largest portion of New Mexico's labor market. Prior to the recession, New Mexico was already experiencing shortages of middle-skill workers in crucial industries. With high unemployment throughout the nation, this is precisely the time to ensure New Mexico is training the middle-skill workforce that will be critical to economic recovery and long-term success.

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New Mexico's Lt. Governor's office held a Workforce and Education Strategy Academy in May on preparing more New Mexico workers for middle-skill jobs. Lt. Governor Diane Denish, with a number of cabinet secretaries, discussed middle-skill jobs, citing New Mexico’s Forgotten Middle-Skill Jobs report and a possible goal of increasing the number of New Mexicans with a two-year degree, credential or equivalent education by 20 percent by 2020.

Released report, New Mexico's Forgotten Middle-Skill Jobs, in April 2010, generating widespread media coverage. 

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Platform of Priorities
National Skills Coaliton and S2C-New Mexico Campaign
November 2010

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New Mexico's Forgotten Middle-Jobs
National Skills Coalition, April 2010

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Listen to audio clips from a press conference about the release of New Mexico's Forgotten Middle-Skill Jobs report.

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