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Business Leaders United for Workforce Partnerships (BLU) is comprised of employers from a range of industries  across the nation who are concerned about our nation’s skills gap, who are working with local partners to train and hire community residents for skilled jobs, and who want our country’s policymakers to follow suit and invest, aggressively and effectively, in the skills of America’s workers. BLU provides a common platform from which these diverse business leaders can jointly communicate to national policymakers, the press and the American public about the effective industry-based strategies they’ve developed which could serve as models for a more comprehensive national skills policy.

BLU’s agenda is based on its policy principles and strategies for employer leadership, and is guided by an Executive Committee of employers dedicated to closing the nation’s skill gap. Read more about the BLU Executive Committee members.

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The Value of BLU - a one pager describing how business leaders are challenging policymakers to make changes that impact small and medium businesses.

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