NSC partners with SparkAction, Jon Bon Jovi.

April 24, 2012

NSC is teaming up with SparkAction and – yes, you read it right – Jon Bon Jovi on the Spark Opportunity Challenge, an exciting competition designed to engage youth in creating their own solutions for rebuilding pathways to jobs and education.  While two-thirds of the workforce of 2025 will be made up of adults who were already working in 2005, closing the nation’s skills gap requires ensuring that both adults and young people have access to the skills demanded by America’s industries.

Musician Jon Bon Jovi is a member of the White House Council for Community Solutions and has joined up with SparkAction to give youth and adult allies the opportunity to share their ideas for improving the futures of young people and the chance to see them become a reality with help from small seed grants, an iPad, and mentoring.

Jon Bon Jovi spent the past year traveling the country and visiting with schools shelters and community centers. “What I saw on these visits were bright, determined, focused young people who were seeking out opportunities to overcome obstacles. These young individuals have learned which services work and which don’t. They have learned that working with like-minded organizations in their communities can create jobs and opportunities," he said.

Learn more about the Spark Opportunity Challenge and how you can get your community involved in helping to give young people a chance to ensure they have pathways to jobs and education.

Be sure to follow @SkillsCoalition and @SparkAction on Twitter and join in the conversation, or follow the latest updates at #SparkOpportunity! For more information, contact Tara James at Tara@sparkaction.org.